What's Your Flava? Ep. 1 : Raia Maria-Laura

CFÉ Belgium Raia Maria-Laura Tonya Schamp

In "What's Your Flava?" we highlight a personality who truly embraces that CFÉ go-getter mentality. We start off this series with the one who's been by our side since day 1... photographer and curvy model : Raia Maria-Laura. We met up with the 21 year old in Leuven to discuss anything from coffee, to self-love to aspirations in life. Hope you enjoy!


First things first : what's your flava?

"My coffee-ritual is pretty simple. Just a simple black coffee, first thing in the morning will usually do the trick. I'm always on the go, so that first coffee of the day is really that little push I sometimes need to kickstart my day. Especially when it's one of those days with a ridiculously early call-time. But it's part of the job. If I'm not drinking my black coffee, you can always make me happy with a good Chai Latté. My good friend Sahera (DJ Lady S, nvdr.) first got me into Chai Lattés when I visited her in New York last year, so that always triggers back happy memories."


What's brewing? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

"My only goal in life right now, is to be able to be doing what I do now but on a global scale. I truly believe I found my purpose when I picked up my first camera. So in the next five years I hope I will be able to travel the world because of that. Don't get me wrong, I love the modeling and the fact that I can combine these two. But photography will always be my first love. So yeah, share my passion and hopefully inspire some people in the process. I was told by a photography-teacher that I didn't had the eye or the skills. But I wanted to do this. And now I just got back from doing a tour with Russ as his backstage-photgrapher. Believe in yourself, be willing to do the work that is necessary to perfect your skill-set and you got this. But first coffee...




Photo credits : Tonya Schamp for CFÉ Belgium.